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Welcome to the MiYO Community!

A community is a group of people interacting, sharing, and working toward a common goal. Members of online communities rally around a specific topic, product, or cause to share ideas, offer tips, or act as mentors. Many times, people join communities because people at home in the offline world don’t share similar passions. So they come online to talk at length with the folks who “get it.”

The MiYO community allows you to interact and engage with other members on the site to further your knowledge and understanding of MiYO.

Membership is free and required to participate in groups and forums.

There are currently 2 levels of membership on the MiYO Community site: (1) Community Members and (2) MiYO Customers. Based on your level of membership, you will have access to the corresponding group as well as the MiYO forum where you can connect with other members in a public or private chat. Join the MiYO Community today and become part of something truly special.

What’s the difference between forums and groups?

With Groups, similar to Facebook or other social networking sites, group members can customize their profiles, provide updates on the activity stream (news feed), make friend requests, private message others, and build their network with other group members. The Group activity stream supports text and links.

Forums are where you go for in depth discussion on specific MiYO topics or ideas. The forum is a discussion board subdivided by subject areas where members ask questions as others participate to answer them, and vice versa, through text, photos, links and videos. Try it out and post a question about MiYO that you’ve wanting to learn more about!

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