MiYO Liquid Ceramic Table Clinic at GDLA Tradeshow

MiYO Liquid Ceramic Table Clinic at GDLA Tradeshow

What is MiYO?

MiYO® offers a completely new approach to esthetics.

The patent pending MiYO® Esthetic System gives technicians the ability to easily create esthetic restorations that rival natural teeth in an ultra-thin layer. MiYO currently works with all zirconia and lithium disilicate materials and is easy to integrate into any lab workflow as a/n:

Replacement for Existing Stain and Glaze Process: simple and easy way to match shades and get the depth and translucency needed on monolithic or cutback crowns – all in one firing

Correction Material : quick and easy way to change a shade, raise or lower the brightness of crowns (while adding translucency) or add contacts to reduce remakes

Alternative to Costly Hand-layered Ceramics: efficient way to create highly characterized restorations that rival esthetics typically only seen with hand-layered restorations in unprecedented thicknesses of 0.1mm-0.2mm


Jensen currently offers two MiYO® Esthetic System Kits: MiYO® Liquid Ceramic for teeth and MiYO® Pink Liquid Ceramic gingival system for tissue. Both systems are comprised of MiYO Color; different types of self-glazing colors with varying levels of translucency, each uniquely formulated to replicate nature’s subtleties, such as incisal translucency, mamelons, crack lines, halos, and gingival tissue, and MiYO Structure, used to create depth, vitality, and texture found in natural enamel and tissue, in unprecedented thicknesses of 0.1mm-0.2mm, requiring no cut back or modification to CAD designs, making them ideal for full contour restorations.

The Right Tools Matter

You wouldn’t hit a golf ball off a tee with a putter, would you? — Didn’t think so. Just like a professional golfer, when creating any MiYO masterpiece in your laboratory, whether it is a single unit posterior or an all on four-hybrid implant restoration – the right tools are critical. Developed by the ceramists who pioneered the MiYO Liquid Ceramic System, the MiYO brush set is so much more than a brush set. The 6-piece set actually improves esthetics and decreases working time so you can get great results the first time, and every time.

MiYO Brushes


Here you will find videos, webinars, articles to help further your knowledge and understanding of the MiYO® Liquid Ceramic System. Clients have additional access to exclusive MiYO® and MiYO® Pink training tutorials and downloads.

MiYO User Training


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