New MiYO Materials Now Available!


New MiYO Materials Now Available!

There have been a lot of exciting updates to the MiYO Esthetic System so far this past year! Learn about all the new MiYO materials for teeth and tissue that are now available to you!

MiYO® Liquid Ceramic for Teeth

MiYO Trans Sunflower

MiYO® Trans Sunflower

Translucent self-glazing color to modify basic A, B, C, D shades to more yellow range

MIYO High Fusing Structure Enamel

MiYO® High Fusing Structure Enamel

High Fusing Structure building material similar to natural tooth enamel that offers additional firing flexibility

MiYO High Fusing Structure Window

MiYO® High Fusing Structure Window

High Fusing transparent Structure building material that offers additional firing flexibility

MiYO PINK® Liquid Ceramic for Tissue

MiYO Pink Carnation

MiYO® Pink Trans Carnation

High translucency self-glazing color used to create depth and contrast in tissue layers

MiYO Pink Venule

MiYO® Pink Venule

Colored powder used to replicate veins in tissue

MiYO Glaze

MiYO® Pink Glaze Paste No Fluor

Paste glaze with no fluorescence designed to mimic all the characteristics of natural tissue