Jensen currently offers two MiYO® Esthetic System Kits: MiYO® for teeth and MiYO® Pink for tissue. Both systems are comprised of MiYO Color and MiYO Structure.

MiYO Color: Translucent, semi-translucent and opaque self-glazing Colors. The unique properties of MiYO Color allow the user to float wet Color on top of wet Color without mixing, so that every detail imaginable can be achieved in one application.

MiYO Structure: Translucent self-glazing building pastes. The unique properties of MiYO Structure allow the user to build shapes and create surface texture with a brush in ultra-thin layers (0.1mm-0.2mm).

MiYO for teeth / Translucent Color

MiYO Trans Shade A
MiYO Trans Lumin Plus
MiYO Trans Lotus
MiYO Trans Slate
MiYO Trans Shade B
MiYO Trans Sage
MiYO Trans Clementine
MiYO Trans Shade C
MiYO Trans Sunflower
MiYO Trans Smoke
MiYO Trans Shade D
MiYO Garnet
MiYO Trans Storm
MiYO Trans Lumin
MiYO Trans Straw
MiYO Trans Cobalt

MiYO for teeth / Medium Opacity Color

MiYO Halo Spring
MiYO Halo Autumn
MiYO Color Linen

MiYO for teeth / High Opacity Color

MiYO Mamelon Wheat
MiYO Mamelon Coral
MiYO Mamelon Pumpkin
MiYO Color Snow
MiYO Color Fissure

MiYO for teeth / Structure

MiYO Structure Window
MiYO Structure Enamel
MiYO Structure Ghost
MiYO Structure Ice
MiYO Structure Blush

MiYO for teeth / Structure High Fusing

MiYO High Fusing Structure Window
MIYO High Fusing Structure Enamel

MiYO for teeth / Glaze Paste

InSync Glaze Paste

MiYO for teeth / Kit Configuration

MiYO Kit Configuration

MiYO PINK for tissue / High Translucency Color

MiYO Pink Midnight
MiYO Pink Raspberry
MiYO Pink Copper
MiYO Pink Carnation

MiYO PINK for tissue / High Opacity Color

MiYO Pink Flamingo
MiYO Pink Sorbet
MiYO Pink Crimson
MiYO Pink Salmon
MiYO Pink Plum
MiYO Pink Thistle
MiYO Pink Merlot
MiYO Pink Sable
MiYO Pink Venule

MiYO PINK for tissue / Structure

MiYO Pink Structure Orchid
MiYO Pink Structure Rouge
MiYO Pink Structure Frost

MiYO PINK for tissue / Glaze Paste

MiYO® Glaze Paste is a non fluorescent glaze paste designed to offer an efficient and reliable method for creating natural vitality for all zirconia, lithium disilicate/e.max, layered and pressed restorations

MiYO Glaze Paste

MiYO PINK for tissue / Kit Configuration


InSync® and MiYO® Glaze Paste are designed to offer an efficient and reliable method for creating natural vitality for all zirconia, lithium disilicate/e.max, layered and pressed restorations.

InSync Glaze Paste

InSync Glaze Paste

Fluorescent Glaze Paste for teeth
MiYO Glaze Paste

MiYO Glaze Paste

Non-fluorescent Glaze Paste for tissue


MiYO Brush 1: MiYO Color Fine Detail Brush (Kolinsky); used to replicate every fine detail imaginable with MiYO Color quickly

MiYO Brush 1

MiYO Brush 2: MiYO Color Brush (Kolinsky); used to apply and float MiYO Color on top of Color seamlessly

MiYO Brush 2
Brush 2

MiYO Brush 3: MiYO Structure Brush (special blend of Kolinsky and Synthetic); used to apply MiYO Structure efficiently and consistently

MiYO Brush 3
MiYO Brush 3 image

MiYO Brush 4: MiYO Gingival Stippling Brush (Kolinsky); used to replicate the stippling effect seen in natural gingival with MiYO Pink Structure in seconds

MiYO Brush 4

MiYO Brush 5: MiYO Fan Brush; used to create surface texture with MiYO Teeth and Pink Structure with a few brush swipes

MiYO Brush 5

Spatula: MiYO Mixing Spatula; used to mix MiYO Color and Structure so you can get the best results consistently